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About Us

East Kimberley Plumbing or EKP, as locals know us, is in Kununurra, Western Australia and has established itself as the “Go To” company in the Kimberley Region.

East Kimberley Plumbing have been contracting in the region for 30 years plus and provides comprehensive plumbing, gas, fire, and drainage services to residential developments, commercial, Industrial, mining and construction projects including remote and extremely remote community sites.

East Kimberley Plumbing can be seen working from Broome to Derby to Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Wyndham, Lake Argyle and of course servicing the hometown Kununurra. In fact, we will work anywhere in the Kimberley Region.

No job is too small or too big for East Kimberley Plumbing.


Facilities & Premises

East Kimberley Plumbing has an office, workshop and large yard located in the Industrial area of Kununurra. The workshop is set up for the storage of materials, equipment and for servicing of vehicles. We also carry a good quantity of materials in stock for our projects and day to day works.

Local Commitment

East Kimberly Plumbing has always been a supporter of the local community in Kununurra and all-surrounding towns and Communities throughout the Kimberly region. We Endeavor to support local business where possible and likewise that is reciprocated in a town and community of this size.

Training & Apprentices

East Kimberley Plumbing recognise that our most valuable assets are our people, and we continue to provide strong commitment to training the next generation of plumbing experts in our industry.  That extends from our office staff, supervisors, employees, and apprentices.


East Kimberley Plumbing have always ensured that we have apprentices coming through our industry and provide them with a high standard of on and off the job training through the likes of the MPA Skills and other Registered Training Organisations providing apprentices the best possible trade education.

OH & S

East Kimberley Plumbing is committed to the Health & Safety of all employees at work by reducing, eliminating, and controlling hazards to which a person is exposed to, providing the resources to assist employees in securing a safe and hygienic work environment.


We commit to protecting the integrity of all-natural resources and place great importance on the management of the environment and any surroundings that may be affected whilst any works are in progress.

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